Sunday, June 1, 2008

Non Comm -Jakob Dylan, Kathleen Edwards, Yoav, What made Milwaukee...

Wooooooooo, amazing concert yesterday!!
That's a pic of Kathleen Edwards watching Jakob Dylan's performance (click to see better), which was too impressive. His "How good it can get" (and I know how silly it's going to sound, but it's the truth) just couldn't get better, still have goosebumps.Uploaded a mini vid of it (too good, turned the camera off and took in as much of it as I could. One of the best song performances I've ever heard). To listen to it from XPN's archives go here (minute 8). There's also links to the other performances.

Some of his new songs were also really good, but this one's like an old friend to me. He hardly talked, which is a bummer because his banter's almost as good as his music, but he didn't seem to be particularly thrilled with the audience (was fun to see the way he would look at the crowd further away from the stage while singing "Evil is alive and well", my imagination or ...). Still his performance was impeccable, first song starting a bit shaky on the voice, then soon steering.
Kathleen Edwards was impressive too and to my surprise so were What made Milwaukee..., and I'd never heard Yoav before but he had some really good songs. It was a pity the setlists were so short. Escovedo not so much, plus sound for him was way too loud.
More pics (not too good, sort of strict with the no camera policy so I didn't want to risk it too much):

And a vid of Kathleen Edwards' "The cheapest key" (sorry, bad sound)

She did the first song (Back to me) alone, then was joined by another musician who played keyboards, guitar, and sang backing vocals. I guess that limited her song choices quite a bit and unfortunately she didn't play any of my favourites (she played "In state" though, which comes close). Her voice has an even sweeter quality live, together with her characteristic coarseness, and she's just so talented + remarkably beautiful in a discreet manner. Has that that few have.
What Made Milwaukee Famous (and I almost didn't stay, name didn't sound any promising) were really really good too. The singer has a great voice and is quite the rock'n roll type, and some of the songs are ace (my personal favourite being "Sef-Destruct", great lyrics) + they really have a great presence onstage and know how to work the crowd. More than half the people had already left because of how long the concert had already been going on and so on, their loss. I'll upload some vid of them singing with Kathleen Edwards.
One more of Jakob Dylan:

Duet Kathleen -WMMF:

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