Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Jakob Dylan at the Blender Theatre, New York

A vid from yesterday's performance, a link to a review here, and I have to say as big as my soft spot for Jakob Dylan is, the concert to me was quite flawed, I guess the stifling heat took its toll on all of us... Plus, the new songs, except for a few exceptions,... aren't doing it for me. Just 10 days ago at the Noncomm in Philly they sounded much better, the version of "How good..." that so got to me then (and pushed me to go to NY yesterday) just slid by yesterday. The songs sounded too alike (his singing could have made them distinct but it didn't happen) and the chorus That is just my take. Other people loved it. It was great to see Fred on board, always tops.
And Jakob's voice was to me far from its best. I wonder about the choice of Wallflowers songs they played. They seemed to go for the ones more in tune with this new album, and for playing them with similar arrangements, doesn't work for me. Would be a great opportunity for some contrast.
Pics were very hard to take because of the faint lighting and the background.

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