Saturday, April 23, 2011

I love this cover!

It just works really well, everything. She's covering Je fume parce que tu bois next Tuesday? (Mardi prochain?) -I think. And quite the smile, cet Adrien.
Everybody on holidays? Ha, I was back Wednesday, just as everybody was leaving, like that feeling.
Have to paintbrushsabotage a pic and will post it.
Hours later:

Beautiful Asturias coast.
And coming back in the rain..

And my previous impression proved totally false: after going out there this morning I believe I can safely report that nobody has left Madrid for Easter, and that its whole population has agreed on going out shopping this morning too..
Well, since in a few days this blog will be 4 yrs old, might as well have a few posts from this era for its bthdy!.
PS Never bother with the je bois cover, was pretty terrible.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

To watch and help (or Alela & Housing Works)

If you watch this video:

1. You've just helped a good cause as all views generate revenue for charity Housing works. Don't know the details (tried to find out but couldn't, and come to think of it they should say, else it might just be a VEVO marketing campaign more than anything and I should delete this post, ohh that's why I don't blog anymore, too complicated!)
2. You might like this song. I certainly do (this particular one), big change for Alela Diane, very upbeat and fresh. Just came across it on Spotify - and how cool is Spotify? very, use it all the time.
Anyway, and either way, the world still needs a lot of help these days...
PS (day after) Why don't I just shut up, just read that Spotify has announced today (serendipity, a constant in my life) that it will very severely restrict access to music to non paying listeners (10 hours a month??). On the other hand seems it's finally going to be available in the US soon..for those there..