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Tower Theater Seating chart 3

PHOTOS Keane Tower theater concert Philadelphia 05.27.07

Keane onstage at the Tower Theater in PhiladelphiaTim Rice-Oxley in bright light

Tim Rice-Oxley still in bright light Tower Theater at 6.30 pm in May 27, 2007
Tom Chaplin's speech at the TowerTom Chaplin at goodbye

Tom Chaplin at keyboards

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I am posting some more pics from the concert (only the two from first row -where I spent like a minute- and the one outside the theater are mine, anyway most of them are pretty terrible!), also glad that the picture I sent to Keane's official site has been published there (see link, it's none of these)!!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Keane at the Tower Theater, Philadelphia. (05/27/2007)

Keane plus sound engineers onstage
Tom Chaplin at the Tower Keane onstage Philadelphia
(Please don't use these images without permission)

-I'll write this review a bit at a time, so this post will be growing over the next days. This is only a personal opinion- My next post will be on the Tower theater (and more pics from the concert), so I won't cover that now.
It was what a concert should be: songs sounded at least as good as in the record but they weren't replicas, they had other textures and much more strength...The staging was simple and beautiful and the three of them were in great shape, full of energy, making the audience stand up from song nr1.
There seemed to be some kind of problem with the sound of Rice-Oxley's piano right at the beginning but it was soon solved.
Tom Chaplin jumped up to the stage as if literally weightless (I'm not exaggerating, he'd appear in one spot and before you could focus on him, zasss, he was at the other end of the stage), energetic, he moved up and down constantly, never out of tune, looking at the audience in the eye. Tim Rice-Oxley reigned over the keys of his piano (his music sheets are full of 3 and 4 notes chords and octaves played quite fast, all by heart), his hyper peculiar way of feeling the rhythm not as exaggerated as I thought it was once you are actually there, you can tell he's really giving it all, and it actually surprised me how he also looks at the public (I had the idea he kept himself lost in his own world during performances, his keyboard slightly turned so as to not to see the audience) and does quite a bit of singing (sounded way better than the demos I've heard, I bet we'll hear more of him in their next album) and Richard is the perfect blender in this sound (catalyst sounds better but he actually blends, he leaves nice lumps).
Now best and worst (to me):
*Best performance: Bedshaped (and it's not the song I like best). They saved it for last (seems they always end their concerts with this song, I believe many times they don't use sequencer in this one so what you see is what you hear, I guess that's one of the reasons they specially like to play this one live).
*Best staging: Try again (the screens made the Tower look like a train in motion at sunset or sunrise, totally achieving the scenery for the sad commuter song they portray)
*Best sing along: Tom got everybody singing their hearts out in "Somewhere only we know"
*Best sound effect: the "power outage" one on "Atlantic". Amazing
*Best others: their entourage, the people working for them are considerate to the extreme with the public.
*Best moment: Tom and Tim singing and looking at each other. Regardless of how their friendship will end, there's this bond in the air. That kind of friendship is hard to find, and I believe it's the core of this group. (See pic).
*Audience: Keane can't complain, apart from the typical loud one (literally, one, and happy) and one or two screaming cleavages, the immense majority were totally keen and devoted, knew all the lyrics and proved they had a jolly good time. Even at the meet and greet the people there (mostly girls, boyfriends/husbands were by the opposite boardwalk with a look of resignation!!, saints!!) did not utter a single scream, there was no pushing, a 10. There were all sorts of people, all sort of ages (I'd say the media was around 28).
* I can't believe how talented these people are.

* Lighting at Bedshaped was at times like Sesame St ("sun in your eyes":a strike of yellow lights; "in white light"...guess what; thank god there were no more colours mentioned)
*The mix and match of "Fly to me" (still the intention was really sweet, and it received a warm welcome)
*Predictability: you knew exactly how long the concert was going to be, which songs, how many in the encore. No spontaneity there, you can't be if you are so politically correct; but there is some public some places that deserve more than others, and encores should be for that. And a little improvisation never hurts. I know it's difficult because of all the sequencing, but still...
*Did Tom feel it deep inside?. You can't go through so much every other night. Guess he saved his feelings to pour in a couple of songs. And it's OK, really. He sort of "compensated" with all this energy. Still I missed more emotion.
*Why wasn't the Tower sold out?. The balcony was empty and covered by these black curtains. And memorial weekend is bad timing but not an excuse. Anyway, I never got to see/hear any publicity whatsoever for this event anywhere, found out through their site.
Silly curious data:

*Tom said during the concert that "A bad dream" is his all time favourite Keane song.
* The public was so nice, I left my seat for a minute and went to the first row to take pictures, they made room for me with a smile on their faces. (By the way, those, the ones after the concert and the one outside the theater are the only photos I took, the other ones were taken by my ----).
* After the concert there was a mini meet and greet (I never thought this would happen). Asked Richard (the most accessible), he said they had had no time to visit Philly, but he said they had gone to this diner, The continental (food there is reasonably good and amusing, depending on the choice, decoration is cool, olives being the "theme". And by the way, the only thing this place has in common with diners is the shape). Then tried to ask Tim one of my deep thought out curiosity driven questions about his next songs but the words only made it to the edge of my throat before plummeting to my feet, I was already feeling embarrassed enough to be there (damn curiosity of mine!!), then words drowned in my shoes, which were totally soaked (during the concert a hell of a thunderstorm hit Philadelphia and the Tower had some problem with the pipes, so the floor was dripping wet on the Pit, preying on all vulnerable shoes). Instead I silently handed him my poster to sign. I had never intended to ask for an autograph (why bother anybody for a bit of dry ink) but I had this poster and pens dancing in the air...Now I have three cool dry ink scribblings in this really nice poster, anyway. (Somebody recorded this meet and greet (ifeln), one video of Tim's, one of Tom's) and almost at the end of them there's my invisible me handing my poster all folded to each.
It didn't cross my mind to talk to Tom, he was just doing this bureaucracy with a nice smile (they are really asked for too much, am totally sympathetic). Anyway, I'd have said take good care of yourself, which under the circumstances would have been such a silly
thing to say, specially to someone like him, so....
PS July 2007 update on Keane's signed poster: I had the silly idea that my poster would be safely kept hidden under a bed for the "brief" period of time it would take me to have it framed. Unfortunately I forgot about it, and I don't know when but my vacuum cleaner certainly met and greeted it (yes, I'm a thorough cleaner), so the other day I found it all crushed on one of the sides (fortunately not the top where it's signed). I'm not speaking to my vacuum cleaner anymore (sometimes I'm a little unfair). Poster is now on top of one of my shelves, hopefully safe from harm.

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Keane concert review soon

I will soon be posting a review on Keane's concert in Philadelphia this Sunday at the Tower Theatre.
Blog goes well, many visits (well, to my standards, that is) but still no info from visitors, which makes it quite impossible to gather all the info I meant to, but what can you do... By the way, wouldn't I have liked to be at Keane's sound check (kind of like having a super place closed for you alone, right?), but as the song goes, "you can't always get what you want.. doo bee doooo". I'm off to buy my Saturday lunch.

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2 great pics inside the Tower Theater

Tower Theater view from back of venue
Please note these images were updated as of Oct'08. (click on the photos for a larger image)
Two images of the inside of the theater, thanks to the people at Live Nation. One of them is a view from the stage and the other one is the opposite view, both are excellent and the place looks great. I think it's a web exclusive!!!
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Friday, May 18, 2007

No news, the Killer mots feat. Tom Chaplin and Space 1999

No additional info on the Tower Theater for now (please, comments!!) but I’m going there pretty soon so hopefully I’ll be updating solidly.
Lots of news on Keane, but I don’t want them taking over my blog so I’ll keep it short. After a concert gig’s start struck by natural disaster (L.A.’s first concert moved to another venue because of a major fire; second concert, Denver and the floods… they’re missing earth and air!!), it seems the elements have finally joined them.
I’ve also seen Keane’s “Strangers” DVD, which pretty much changed my perception of the three members of the band’s personalities (they really don’t seem to be the way they seem to be, though they might be), I’ll review it some other time. By the way, Tom recently recommended a group called the Guillemots (I first understood Killer mots, or moths, no wonder I couldn’t find them, but I recently visited a blog that had this really good playlist (geekdom) and bingo! there they were, and they sound pretty good too, check out their web site which is also really original. (Well, I am 99% sure this is the name Tom recommended, it really sounded like that but after my previous success ... they are good anyway).
I’m also adding another pick, it’s the theme from Space 1999, a cheery and tacky tune that I actually like (I didn’t get to watch the series but the tune was in this tape I had when I was a child) . The quality’s not as good as desired but it will have to do. Have a nice weekend all of you!!!
Back to Keane stuff

Friday, May 11, 2007

Keane 3 - Tom Chaplin's declaration (2007)

After having previously written about Keane, updates are in order.
Their US tour starts today, with the Q magazine's interview to Tom Chaplin still hot on the table. Pretty hard core stuff, I can't think of a reason why he would do it. Maybe he will explain it on the radio today (see the official page for details). They´re now facing a quite entangled situation, what do the two other members of the band think about it??).
I wonder how the new album's going to sound after all this (deep down the mercury ocean??). Sorry, bad joke again. Sad, though...
And it's difficult to say the least, but I wish it had a happy ending. Chaplin's very gifted but seems fragile, and übertalented and opinionated Rice-Oxley's shadow must be long...-.
Anyway, Chaplin was not making much sense having an interview saying what he said and then proceeding to illustrate it with dark, glazed eyes, smoke burning cigarette in hands portraits of himself.
PS 2009: as of at the end of 2008 Chaplin smoked, as he himself has acknowledged in some interview (many people seem to end up in this post wondering about it).
Back to Keane stuff

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

After the concert at the Tower...

Ok, what I would like to do next is to post some info on where to go to have a drink after a concert at the Tower. Or, for instance, where do you think the artists would head to to cool off after their concert. I have no clue so really if you are familiar with Philadelhia's "night" life please send some info, and I'll be listing places with your tips. Thanks!!.
For the moment, I propose this link here where there are suggestions for each category.

Monday, May 7, 2007


Hi there, I am starting to have a decent amount of visitors to my blog now (and finally I can be found through Google search!!) but still no comments . Please let me know if you found what you were looking for in this page or if you needed any specific info that wasn't there, so I can update the site to be more useful. Thanks!!!

Tower Theater aerial image

Here's an aerial image of the Tower theater (circled in red) from Google Earth. I hope they won't sue me for this!!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Tower Theater Hotels

Tower Theater top infotaupe

I have found info on hotels near the Tower Theater at this site. Most people think your best bet is trying to locate a hotel in the Center City or downtown area of Philadelphia, as you would be able to take the Market Frankford (blue line) directly out to 69th Street where the Tower is located (another reason: the area where the theater is located is not the safest at night).

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Tower Restaurants

United Artists food court

"There are 3 restaurants within walking distance (a block or two) from the Tower. The first is the Aquarius Diner on Market street across from the train terminal. then there is Sabor Latino located on Garret Road, it is a Mexican, Cuban, Equidor style restaurant,also right across from the terminal. Then there is The Waterford, this is located right next to Tower on Ludlow street, it's a Bar & Restaurant, not a bad place to go before a show and have a drink and get a bite to eat, I highly recommend it. All these places are within a SAFE distance of the theater. (...)As for fast food near the theater. There are a few places on 69Th street to eat. There is a McDonald's, Wendy's, Popeys, Quizno's and a few good pizza/cheesesteake places. all right on 69Th street and within quick safe walking distance of the theater." (says R. Riot).
"There is a full bar in the Tower Theatre open for shows. As to food, when shows are presented, there is pizza, hot dogs, pretzels, candy and cookies" (says H. B. Haas). It seems the problem is the price("food is true "movie" theater fare... and beers are $7.25+ served in Dixie cups" says Rob C).- (As per
I have added an image I took of the United Artists food court. You can see it's very close to the Tower.
I have to say that prices have gone down a bit now, and the bar at the Tower was full. It opens some time before the concert and it's a good place to spend some time as, let's not forget, it's full of people that have at least one thing in common with you!! (beer approx $6, sodas approx $3) (still I recommend it for a drink, if you are seriously hungry go some of the other places).

Tower Theater Philadelphia seating chart nr 2 (see nr 1 first)

Tower Theatre seating chart 3 Infotaupe

I have found a new Tower seating chart that is less updated than the one I posted a few days ago (so please if you haven't seen that one check it first, it's here), but it has all three levels, not just the orchestra, so I am posting it too.

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Keane stuff

OK, on Keane… there is so much info about them out there, so many sites, that you look them up on Google to get a hint about who they are and before you realize (if you are curious, and I certainly am, very) you start clicking and end up having a Bachelor in them … honestly.
First thing I have to say is in my experience the best place to go to, surprisingly, is their official web site. They are really involved in it (they write mini blogs, they answer questions you can send…something that does them credit), plus it is constantly updated and relatively arty.
Other things I enjoyed or found interesting are: (note 2009: most of the stuff has been removed from the web, seems, sorry, makes the post quite useless, decided to leave it as a souvenir...)
*This yahoo interview (not very recent, 2005)
*If you can get your hands on MTV essential Keane, it is a pretty good mini summary.
*There was what must be the cheekiest interview ever to them here (beginnings, Nov-2004), it made me laugh, and boy was Tim quick and patient! (and some credit to the interviewer too, for a different interview and certainly some boldness!!). Some things have changed since. But the link has changed, I'll try to find it.
* Another curious bit (Jul-04), talks about A-ha being Keane’s heroes. Though I thought I detected some reminiscences of A-ha’s music in a few songs, I am thinking maybe the reporter is Norwegian and has a certain inclination to exaggeration?… Another link that has changed, will have to do some researching...
(Just for the record, I do like A-ha, a lot, and I say it though for some reason, maybe Morten being such a handsome one, it is not cool)
*An interview at French TV, Nov'06, pretty funny, best thing is at the beginning when first the interviewer shows their CD on its side (Chaplin thinking should I say something?), then they have to listen to their own music for quite some time and they look quite awkward... Also removed from youtube, aggg
*A very long interview to T. R-O and T. C. in Face culture (2004). Also removed.
*They also have a documentary (Strangers) probably more than worth seeing , but I haven’t yet.
*For tons of info on songs, etc: Wikipedia.
*And for silly Faq’s like knowing which type of cheese or biscuits each of them prefer, go to Keaneshaped. Not that it is going to make a difference in your life, but maybe it takes you to discovering new flavours!!!
*And they have actually managed to avoid having any part of their private life exposed (other than Tom’s rehab, and that was their choice), which is pretty amazing, quite an achievement.
And that’s about it, if you have found any other Keane “pearls”, pls let me know.

Just for the record, what I think of Keane (not that anyone does care): great lyrics, great music, amazing at creating an atmosphere for each song like a background for one’s own feelings to pop up ("wake the serpent not..."), their music has like camouflaged layers, so you can discover a new one the 100'th time you're listening to a particular song. And they and really hard working people, after all it was a long journey for them to get to success and that has to make a difference . . One thing I don’t usually like from them, though: their videos (Somewhere only we know is good though).

And that’s a wrap.