Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Electric Factory info

The Electric Factory is another quite popular concert venue in Philly. Here are some pics (taken April'08):
View of the stage from balcony, you can see there are bars on ground level and on the upper levels (there's like 3 different levels, those at the very top are like more private, covered with a white canopy, with benches, etc to sit). You can usually access the upper levels if you are over 21 (they'll put a stamp on your hand) and there's some pretty good seating there if you can grab it:

Another one:
And a view from the stage:

There's a food booth and a merch booth at the entrance.
The place has a parking lot just in front of the building (see pic), it's about $10. But you can also park in the street (there are parking meters in the ones closest to the venue, but not a little further up, though it's sort of a dangerous neighbourhood so if you park far don't go back to your car alone).
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