Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bell x1 + Duh

Some pics from this Friday's Bell x1 show at the World Cafe. Really nice lads. Beautiful voice, a show really worth listening to (at XPN's archives).

Oh, and I've come across this really lovely song, "Angel tangled in the telephone lines", by Amy Kuney. Check it out (am playing it all the time) - only link I can find is in her myspace redirecting to Rhapsody. There's this vid for this other song of hers though, which I also love: "Love is trippy" - third party in the mess? not me, ever, not good at sharing - its trippy part ...totally; hate to use smilers but... ;-)

....So after debating for quite a bit whether to head South to Alanis's concert or North to Stars' (or vice versa, not strong on cardinal orientation, in fact can you even say that? -guess not, whatever, I'm loosing focus here-) ended up spending the evening in home sweet home's couch. Duh-
Just finished up the totally unproductive first half of the weekend by doing something so stupid I can't think of it or else I'll wince so hard my lashes will curl - yeah, that bad...or worse (was an accident, but not that being so clumsy makes me feel better about it!).
This is one of those posts where I've practiced severe self-editing, it didn't look anything like this half hour ago. Will talk about self -editing and analytics in blogs, feel like it. Getting tired of concert posts, I've gone to a few shows lately I haven't even mentioned. There's something next week I definitely will though!

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