Thursday, February 14, 2008


Ok, Valentine's day, not much going on in the music world around this theme. Only thing I've come across is a new EP that The bird and the Bee have released with this day in mind. I know, some will find them very whatever, but their music really works for me, you can't listen to "deeper turmoil" all the time, need lighter stuff to counterbalance. Plus, there's more to it than it may seem at first. So, back to the subject, all the songs are lovey dovey and you can click here and send an e-card to your loved one, but careful, you should know first that these two have a sort of twisted sense of humour, so the song they've chosen is a cover of "Tonight you belong to me" (affair...) It still sounds really sweet.
You can also listen to two more of their new songs in their myspace, like "The last day of our love" (select it), curiously it sounds a lot like a song I used to listen to, Mono's Life in Mono.

By the way, do you know where was the sign I took the picture of?. Here (top terrace...Cape May lighthouse):

Don't get it, to me looks like the perfect spot to go for a shout!!!

Back door slam at the WCL (XPN)

I'm a little delayed on this one, this concert took place at the World Cafe live in Philadelphia on the 25th January. Some pics:

BDS's frontman Davy Knowles really shined onstage with his guitar playing and his voice. I'm an ignorant in guitar playing, but still there's no chance that this guy is bad at it. I'm also an ignorant in this style of music, so I'm not review them, but I have to say I really liked him , he was talented, fresh, natural and genuinely special. The audience totally fell for them.
Meet and greet was long, and funny, because people buying the cd would also get a signed poster for free, but 99% of them would still hand them a cd sleeve to sign .. or the other side of the poster!!!. Can't blame them, it's just the excuse to talk to them...(but I don't think they'll be giving away any more signed posters like that). They were happy and sort of overwhelmed by people's reaction, super nice with everybody.
It seems their record label really believes in them and specially in their potential in the US (they're already playing Bonnaroo this year), so they're getting their chance and they're not wasting it.

I spent a part of the performance quite enthraled following Knowles's fingers on the guitar. So I took a picture of his hands (I asked, it sounded so weird, very, but he was fine with it). Why would taking a pic of a guitarist's hands be weirder than taking one of his face anyway?. Here it is:

If you want to listen to the concert click here.

And by the way, they were giving away free download cards, I took one to give away in the blog to whoever's interested first (hope it's ok!!), enjoy!!:

(Pls write a comment saying downloaded or something so others will know)

Friday, February 8, 2008

The counting crows at the WCL XPN

Some pics from today's show at the World Cafe Live:

Adam Duritz seems a very expressive communicative talkative kind of person. He explained a lot about his songs onstage and he was willing to have a Q&A with the public, but it finally ended as an interview on the radio instead.
You can listen to this concert on the xpn radio's website's archives (click here, then in "hear the complete show" ), they'll also be playing it at 12.00 everyday all week. They presented the record they're releasing in March 25th, "Saturday nights and Sunday mornings". Said some interesting things, I'm going to try to hear it again and quote a thing or two here. And maybe add a few more pics, I have quite a few.
Place was packed, big show, 7 people onstage. Bet there's going to be stuff posted on youtube soon because there was a lot of people in the audience with "machinery at work". So I was able to use the flash and get not so blurry pictures for once.
PS feb07: if you like them, I bet you'll enjoy this vid.