Friday, February 8, 2008

The counting crows at the WCL XPN

Some pics from today's show at the World Cafe Live:

Adam Duritz seems a very expressive communicative talkative kind of person. He explained a lot about his songs onstage and he was willing to have a Q&A with the public, but it finally ended as an interview on the radio instead.
You can listen to this concert on the xpn radio's website's archives (click here, then in "hear the complete show" ), they'll also be playing it at 12.00 everyday all week. They presented the record they're releasing in March 25th, "Saturday nights and Sunday mornings". Said some interesting things, I'm going to try to hear it again and quote a thing or two here. And maybe add a few more pics, I have quite a few.
Place was packed, big show, 7 people onstage. Bet there's going to be stuff posted on youtube soon because there was a lot of people in the audience with "machinery at work". So I was able to use the flash and get not so blurry pictures for once.
PS feb07: if you like them, I bet you'll enjoy this vid.

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