Saturday, December 6, 2008

Some NY cool music venues - Rockwood Music Hall, The Cake Shop, The Living Room and the Bowery Ballroom

Some pics of these places. If you happen to go/be in NY and want to hear some good music head for Ludlow St and surroundings (Allen St, Delancey ) and just look around, you're bound to find something really worth it... Don't expect grand and top design chic places (except maybe a bit at Rockwood or Bowery, I didn't go inside that last one) but rather small cosy places full of people and worn down furniture...nice (proof of what I mean: the last pic, inside the Living room, which is divided between literally a living room where you can hang out and have a drink and a big room behind curtains -no door!- where the concerts are held).
* The Living room and the Cakeshop:

* Bowery Ballroom and Rockwood Hall:

* The living room: bar and concert venue:

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karelia said...

hmmm,kike this, bat I"m not in NY!:((