Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas stuff & recaps

Ok, guess it's the time of year for my Christmas post!. Only this year I'm not feeling Christmassy at all, don't know, must have been at the supermarket when the spirit came to visit.. or something. So I'm trying to take it in, get ready for next week, and these are some "new" C. songs I've come across:
* Ra ra riot's version of 'Happy Xmas (War Is Over)' (just press play, then click to the right to skip the ad). Song's as brilliant and depressing as always...
* Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson's Winter song (cute, again... sad)
* The bird and the bee's yearly carol "12 days of Christmas" (incoherent but not sad, good!. Cool cool breezy version. But each time I listen to it I can't help wondering about her true love's gift choices - three French hens?-, guess after all I'm lucky with what I get)
* The eccentric nuts combo of the year is "Joseph, Better You Than Me", by... The killers, Elton John, also Pet Shop Boy Neil Tennant. Hmm, really?. Whoever says life isn't full of surprises... But good charity cause behind it.
* Not peculiar enough?. Try this, Julian Koster and his Singing saw at Christmas time. Well, like it or not but at the moment it's sold out on amazon.
* And the oldie (I just discovered it though), Rachael Yamagata with River, a cover of Joni Mitchell's. Again, sad, pff. But beautiful.

And suggestions in the gift department (again, following last year's tradition)...
1. This is a nice book (and gossippy, which songs are in Gwyneth's ipod?. Well, not hubby! -she says. And more serious stuff too, there's a really good interview to architect Frank Gehry): Spain...A Culinary Road Trip (places recommended are really good, recipes who knows but who's planning on cooking them anyway?)

2. CD's, my pics:
-A little note: keep Rachael's cd1 for post-Christmas, not the best festive mood setter, and don't miss its last track (yep, the very hidden one that those who aren't deserving will or have already miss/ed - clever Rachael ; )
And in the recaps section, good news for those of you who conclude that New Year's resolutions are in order: I just read that it takes a mere 21 days to make or break a habit, you should be in dry land by the end of January. Bad news is it was in the kind of magazine you really can't trust, obviously. But you can always try, trying is good. I'm just going to try to leave my two worst habits buried in 2008 (ok, maybe only 1) - so can't wait for 2009!!! yippeee!!!!
And one more year going down the drain, ain't that nice... Happy Christmas everybody!!!* Now for the punch!!!!!
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