Wednesday, December 3, 2008

2008's Lastfm top songs - Oops, I'm mainstream!! + 6 songs worth listening to

Ok, so Lastfm has counted down the most listened to during this year, and if there's a source to be trusted, I guess this is it (though only a certain group of people listen to music there, I know).
So I'm going to list the songs that made it, you can check out the results here but as usual with lastfm it can be quite slow and painful!!:
1. Viva la vida (Coldplay), 2. Violet Hill (Coldplay), 3. Time to pretend (MGMT), 4. Electric feel (MGMT), 5. Life in technicolor (Coldplay), 6. Cemeteries of London (Coldplay), 7. Kissed a girl (Kate Perry), 8. 42 (Coldplay), 9. Strawberry swing (Coldplay) and 10.Kids (MGMT).

So a few notes:
1. Coldplay: agreed, Viva la vida is my pic for best album of the year though it's a band I've only recently started to like. Amaazing.
And Time to pretend: saddest roughest song this year. Best lyrics. At one point we all realize we're "fated to pretend"... even if we try our best not to, right?.
2. Shame! Only one girl in the top ten and it has to be Perry. Boring. Saw "Hot'n cold" video the other day, was ok, but the kissed one .... And so many girls out there so much more deserving...
3. Ooops, I'm mainstream!!. (apart from Perry) these are all in my most played list (not in lastfm, although sort of too, don't check my profile, I haven't downloaded the software so it only reflects the conjunction of serendipity and random -except for the main lines-, mostly listen to radios and songs I like and I don't have so... plus serious restrictions. But great tool to discover new music anyway, I recommend it).
4. Radiohead nowhere to be found, weird. Not a band I listen to much but I thought it would definitely make never know.
And since I've gone "philosophical" with the pretending thing, another two real pieces of plain simple philoso-truth that never fails and yet we keep choosing to ignore:
1. I only like you when you give me cookies (self explanatory):

2.I know this little guy bites fingers but there I go and stick one into his mouth. Guess what ...yeah, he bites me!!!and not like he's sorry...big surprise!!!

Sorry, don't usually post these but couldn't help
Ok, back to music. Some pretty songs:
*Dido "Burnin' love"(with citizen Cope. "Without you I've been burning love"...that line is something.). Love this song
* Lisa Miskovsky "Still alive"
* Erin McCarley "Love save the empty" (if you like it check out "Pitter pat" )
* Carla Bruni "L'amoureuse"
* Gabriela Cilmi, "Sweet about me"
* Tilly and the Wall "Falling without knowing" - 80's with a twist
And I've just realized that the other day I "met" Susan Tedeschi!. Didn't know she was Derek Trucks's wife. Funny. Well, if I've seen two people in love...

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