Monday, November 17, 2008

Nicole Atkins mini informal interview

So the other day after her concert at the World Cafe I asked Nicole about her next album (recorded a bit of it with her permission, that's where I've taken the screen prints from). Last time I caught up with them, back in May, they had plans to start recording a new album after the Summer so...
Still she hasn't started it yet, and won't until she finishes her ongoing tour. Not decided on the producer yet (depends on the material she comes up with) or possible collaborations ... but she has plans to go out to the desert for a while, rent someplace with Greg Dulli (Gutter Twins) and write some songs together. She told me she already worked with him (like 5 years ago), and she's looking forward to it again (but, as she pointed out, it hasn't happened yet so it may not...).

Now for the part I can transcribe:
1. What are the lyrics for the new album about?
It's all about death and heartache...
2.Rhythm's faster, slower...?
No, not faster, just harder and more dramatic...

Looking forward to it.
Thanks to her.

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