Monday, January 21, 2008

U2 3D - Ingrid Michaelson interview video - REM tour

U2 have released a 3D movie called U2 3D, looks interesting. Here are some reviews, another one from a critic here and here's a mini interview with the group at it's Sundance's premiere.
And Borders (one of the biggest bookstore chains in the US) just posted some videos of a live performance by Ingrid Michaelson. There's also an interview in which she selects some of her favourite Cd's and talks about them while walking around the store (I believe this was recorded on the 12Th December). Click here.
That's all the interesting news I've come across lately...

PS Jan 28th: one more: REM have just announced a US tour .

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Nicole Atkins & The sea at the XPN WCL FAN

Ok, some pics. Since lately I'm seeing things from afar (getting lazy? not really) and pics are poor, I've added all the blurry guitar guy I had in some kind of sequence to try to make something decent out of them. I like the last one, the hand looks almost like a splash of sound. She is really talented, really knows how to sing and perform onstage, has her own personality, and seems a very nice person when not on it. The sea are a band that can rock, keyboardist was specially cool.

They should have a bright future. No, they should have a bright present. Can't understand why the venue wasn't full.
If you want to hear the concert click here (NPR's website) then in "hear the concert"
Curious fact nr 1: Nicole is a friend of another super talented artist: Regina Spektor.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Joe Jackson Invisible Man - Antimatter - My birthday

Two news this morning: Joe Jackson has just released a new single, "Invisible Man", but just as well because you'll have the feeling you've already heard this one, sounds too familiar. The piano chords at the beginning of the song are really good but how many zillions of times does he repeat it?. It's like you heard a mini song ten times in a row instead of one...Maybe a new strategy to make it catchier? But a nice song to hear at dusk, coming back from work, that sort of moment. You can listen to it here.

And Annie Lennox's been dropped from her record label, Sony, read it here. (PS Update a few hours later: maybe not, though she said so herself, click here for Sony's take).
And in another order of things, scientists have let us know today that a vast cloud of antimatter that's wandering through space apparently originated mainly from stars getting devoured by black holes and neutron stars. You know, that kind of thing. Which makes me feel so ignorant and gives me these chills down the spine at the same time. My birthday's just around the corner, that gives me chills too...
And I quote: "Now that they have witnessed the death of antimatter, the scientists hope to see its birth. It would be interesting if black holes produced more matter than neutron stars". Seems that the world has this amazing sense of equilibrium every time. Now, give me my anti-birthday, please!!!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Meshell Ndegeocello at XPN's WCL FAN

Two pics of last Friday's Meshell Ndegeocello 's mini concert, you can listen to it at XPN's website.

She's sort of an intimidating wild card in the music world, some real pros were there awaiting her peformance with curiosity.
But she's sort of too far gone for me. I get it that she feels the music her own way, that she has her personal style, and that she has a versatile (and quite beautiful at times) voice but I can't relate to her music.
Pics not good since place too dark and flash forbidden.
If you want to hear the concert click here (NPR's website) then in "hear the concert".

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Jesse Ruben and Madi Diaz at XPN WCL

Ok, pics from this morning 's XPN FAN. Both acts are starting out, and considering that, both handled the stage really well (Diaz a little more nervous in between songs). Ruben's songs should have their audience among late teens and early twenties crowds, it's not really my thing nor something that engages me now, plus the lyrics and the singing will benefit with aging and experience (sort of needs seasoning). That said, he does have a good voice, great presence onstage, and real potential in some of the melodies. His performance was solid, and I really enjoyed listening to him live. And you could see determination written all over him. Also a killer smile...

Madi Diaz, on the other hand, has a totally different style, sort of a mix between an early Sheryl Crow and Neko Case, the way I see it. There's a lot of competence there, so she will need luck but she really is talented, and her voice and singing are really good. Surprisingly she sounds better live than in the recorded stuff, so this one's for the road...

But this is only my opinion, which, I repeat, is no better or worse than anybody else's...
If you want to listen to the concert, click here (radio's website) then in "hear the concert".
Links to their Myspace:
Jesse Ruben
Madi Diaz

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Well, I'm back!! Returned on the 31st and with the time schedule difference spent the end of 2007 and the entrance into 2008 sleeping like a log (well, to be exact I was awakened with the noise for a second, thought I wouldn't trade my bed for anything and fell back into slumber, I'm definitely getting old). Just a quick note about something I've found out: these Christmas it's been some sort of fashion for artists to offer free downloads as presents in their myspace / official websites. Keane gave away their version of Early winter (as much as I usually like these guys, this one's a mess, even the lyrics, don't recommend it. Gwen Stefani did so much better with it), Athlete offered a version of Tokyo by Metal Box, and Regina Spektor has a free download on Itunes (My dear acquaintance, (a happy new year), a version of Peggy Lee) not to be missed. Those are the ones I've spotted. Still in time for Regina's so ...

By the way, it's damn cold in NJ right now.