Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Joe Jackson Invisible Man - Antimatter - My birthday

Two news this morning: Joe Jackson has just released a new single, "Invisible Man", but just as well because you'll have the feeling you've already heard this one, sounds too familiar. The piano chords at the beginning of the song are really good but how many zillions of times does he repeat it?. It's like you heard a mini song ten times in a row instead of one...Maybe a new strategy to make it catchier? But a nice song to hear at dusk, coming back from work, that sort of moment. You can listen to it here.

And Annie Lennox's been dropped from her record label, Sony, read it here. (PS Update a few hours later: maybe not, though she said so herself, click here for Sony's take).
And in another order of things, scientists have let us know today that a vast cloud of antimatter that's wandering through space apparently originated mainly from stars getting devoured by black holes and neutron stars. You know, that kind of thing. Which makes me feel so ignorant and gives me these chills down the spine at the same time. My birthday's just around the corner, that gives me chills too...
And I quote: "Now that they have witnessed the death of antimatter, the scientists hope to see its birth. It would be interesting if black holes produced more matter than neutron stars". Seems that the world has this amazing sense of equilibrium every time. Now, give me my anti-birthday, please!!!!

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