Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Well, I'm back!! Returned on the 31st and with the time schedule difference spent the end of 2007 and the entrance into 2008 sleeping like a log (well, to be exact I was awakened with the noise for a second, thought I wouldn't trade my bed for anything and fell back into slumber, I'm definitely getting old). Just a quick note about something I've found out: these Christmas it's been some sort of fashion for artists to offer free downloads as presents in their myspace / official websites. Keane gave away their version of Early winter (as much as I usually like these guys, this one's a mess, even the lyrics, don't recommend it. Gwen Stefani did so much better with it), Athlete offered a version of Tokyo by Metal Box, and Regina Spektor has a free download on Itunes (My dear acquaintance, (a happy new year), a version of Peggy Lee) not to be missed. Those are the ones I've spotted. Still in time for Regina's so ...

By the way, it's damn cold in NJ right now.

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