Sunday, December 30, 2007

Grammy bore

-PS I have changed the date, this was posted on the 12th February (but I don't want first post after the blog header to be politics )-

Well, things are kind of silly these days. Grammys were definitely cheesy, seemed more like a prom night or a barbie dress up contest in Texas..... really, these aren't the oscars, it's music!! (only ones to be saved from the wreck as far as attitude goes were the Foo Fighters and little more) . Onstage K. West's first performance was good, second was also silly, sorry, but if this had been anybody else onstage singing that mamma mamma mess, people would vote him for next person to ridiculize in American Idol's auditions (I don't mean to be insensitive -unlike the said contest- but pushing feelings aside and seeing it as the music performance it was...). Beyonce and Tina, sort of entertaining but the version turned out quite blah as far as real emotion goes, and Winehouse, really, sort of sinister to watch, can't enjoy and take my mind out of her physical frame; and still she was one of the best of the night. I know most of the musicians are not known for their rosy cheeks and healthy glow but there's a line . And then the politics, of course, not to be missed in any event, with Will.I.Am, most eminent wise man, pointing his very infalible finger to the right vote........... enough already!!!. What a nightmare if the people with more records sold should tell us who to vote (so Spears, Aguilera, Carey and Will.I.Am - Michael Jackson and Hanna Montana are probably in the list too- would make a great choice, I'm sure. Great, I trust these people's careful pondering of things so much it's one thing I won't have to think about anymore!!). Really, enough already.......feels like real music and its spirit only briefly touched the Grammys stage. And there were a few good jokes too...
Probably the same will apply to the next oscars (does the academy actually update its files? seems a party of friends, same people getting the same awards every year. I get it, I see this week's top 3 movies at the box office, and I guess they're all just a bit massively depressed). I hope they also agree with Will I Am in who to vote or else my mind will snap and and my brain will shortcircuit!!

PS I know probably Will.I.Am's intentions are good, he'll feel very strongly about it an feels that in his position he has some kind of duty to do all he can. But the more influential you are, the more careful you have to be, these are shades of grey we're talking about here. And there's a time and space for politics. And there are some minimum necessary rules to the game, you just can't cheat like that.

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