Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas and a wonderful new year to all! I would have liked to post a Christmas pic or something but I can't. I'm away, and trying to figure out the equation for happy (or at least peaceful) holidays once more.
Would like to feel at least as happy as these two!!

PS 24th December. I made a little effort and I've taken these pics today, went for a walk and it was an amazingly beautiful morning, anyone guess where?.
Sunny and quiet.

And in this yacht a familiar song was playing: ' could be the end of everything so why dont we go somewhere only... ' (like the ghost of past times. These days I keep listening to The Wallflowers, specially If you never got sick, don't know why) - (and it was still sunny, but my camera was set to "candlelight", hence the blue, experiments...).

Again, happy holidays

PS 25 dec. Today I took this one, and a slightly better one. I'll be back to my usual music topics when I return from these déjà vu holidays ...

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