Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Carina Round videos, Tease and sting + a couple of interesting blogs

Finally uploaded Carina Round's videos from the other night's gig (see April 10th's post). Pretty good. Daniel Cho on cello.
* New unreleased song:

* "Downslow"

She's awesome.

BTW, if you like Carina and you haven't listened to her remixes, you have to, asap!!!. Stolen Car's electro-acoustic mix and Come to you's same electro-acoustic mix are sooo good (Stolen car's specially, only version of that song I ever listen to)!! (In her Tease and sting EP, got mine at one of her concerts).

And two more interesting blogs out there with the mission statement of spreading the word on amazing music that shouldn't go unnoticed. Both of them often offer free downloads of one of the artists' songs in their posts (Anna Ternheim, Kathleen Edwards, Black fortress of Opium...):
* Muruch
* The late greats

Friday, April 18, 2008

Kate Nash at the World Cafe

Thought I wouldn't like her but I did.

Listen to her concert at XPN's website.
Video: "Merry happy", unfortunately a bit shaky at the beginning and a quite stinky at the end (isn't it always like that???) because of the sound getting worse.

And remember, tomorrow Regina Spektor will be at a record store in Brooklyn for a free mini concert and meeting with fans, as part of the Record Store Day (check details here ). Kate Nash will do the same somewhere in Philly.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Some songs

I'm never giving the heads up on anything but this once I'll share the recommendations a musician friend (a really talented one he is, I hope it's ok with him) passed on to me the other day, in case anybody feels like listening to new things:

* Lali Puna
* david mead - indiana
* teitur - poetry aeroplanes
* keren ann - not going anywhere, nolita
* gotan project - la revancha del tango
* afro celt sound system - volume 2 release
* Kelly Jones
* My brightest diamond

I'm looking into them, pretty good.

Trash cans

Garbage day in my neighborhood. All the garbage cans are lined up by the sidewalks waiting for their contents to be taken away and destroyed for good, they won’t be here by this afternoon. Wish the same could be done with our minds, that once a week we could pile up all the things we don’t want and don’t need and leave them outside with the reassurance that we will never see them or feel them again. But it isn’t so. So I will have to keep coping with all those tar grey bits and ends that stick like glue to thoughts and deeds. Unfairness has always been one of the hardest parts, too much of it, too often. Never learned to compensate all the good with the crumbs of bad. And these crystal mornings of shiny colors of Spring aren’t mirrored inside, because I can’t find a way to empty the trashcan in my soul.
Buaaaaah.....Because I'm an idiot more likely!! (too lucky to have the right to complain, as it is - not that that stops me).
Some friends are becoming very lyric this Spring, sending long essays on landscapes and birds singing, I thought I’d give it a go... but obviously I’m not a Spring person.

Soon the B-52’s at the Electric Factory, hopefully I will collect some info on the place and share it.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Joe Jackson at the World Cafe

A mini vid I recorded at the last Word Cafe (April 4th 2008) - only the last bit, when I realized what a beautiful song it was (had never heard it, it's in his new album just released), "Too tough". This man has an amazing voice. And his black piano as an extension of his feelings.

More info + hear the concert here

Monday, April 7, 2008

The Mann Center in Philadelphia

REM, Death cab for cutie and quite a few more are playing in it this summer, so I figured I'd post some info on it.
As opposed to the Tower Theater, the Mann center has a decent website that includes photos and a complete seating chart (if you click on the "seating chart" under "tickets" you will only see a very general one. If you want to see a proper one you'll have to select an event as if to purchase tickets and then, when a tiny seating chart appears to the right click in "view detail", there you'll see each numbered seat. Weird way to do it but ...). Still these pics I took when I went there might come in handy to get a better idea. And if somebody is wondering how the orchestra section boxes are (like I was back then), you can also see them here (click on them to enlargen).

1. If during Summer, remember: this venue is in the middle of "nature" (=mosquitoes) so you better put on some repellent.
2. There's more than a few bars here and there where you can buy drinks and food (ice cream, beverages, food,...) .
3.Parking: when you make it to the venue, you can't miss the signs and all the parking employees directing you to it, which is basically the grass. Depending on how lucky you are when assigned your parking spot you may have to walk more or less (2 to 5 minutes) Costs $10.
Below are some pics I took in July'08 with the food they offer. Just one last thing, if the info here is useful to you, could you please consider signing this petition on care2 to regulate flights so that children with food allergies travel safer. I would greatly appreciate it - thank you!.
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