Thursday, April 17, 2008

Some songs

I'm never giving the heads up on anything but this once I'll share the recommendations a musician friend (a really talented one he is, I hope it's ok with him) passed on to me the other day, in case anybody feels like listening to new things:

* Lali Puna
* david mead - indiana
* teitur - poetry aeroplanes
* keren ann - not going anywhere, nolita
* gotan project - la revancha del tango
* afro celt sound system - volume 2 release
* Kelly Jones
* My brightest diamond

I'm looking into them, pretty good.


Russ said...

Hey there - this is Russ from Used Wigs Radio (a Philly podcast and webzine) - I found your site because I was trying to find out what the deal is with my Flight of the Conchords tickets for Monday and found you when doing a search for Tower Theater Seating Charts...

But I've been bouncing around on here and you've got some great musicians listed - and your friend's list is no slouch, either.

In particular, I'm always collecting female artists to make mixes for my wife and there are a few on here I haven't heard of before so I'll have to check them out...but we're already big fans of people like Kate Nash, Nicole Atkins, etc.

So, a few things:

1. Great blog. Keep it up!
2. If you have any insight on that Tower Theater seating debacle, I'd love to hear it.
3. To add to this list, if you haven't ever heard the album "Whale Music" by the Rheostatics, you owe it to yourself to check it out. It is an album that reveals more with every listen, and is nothing short of a masterpiece - probably my favorite album of all time (and that is seriously saying something).
4. Come check us out over at Used Wigs ( / - you'll definitely pick up a few cool music leads there, too.

Rock ON.

- Russ

infotaupe said...

Hi there, thanks so much!, it's great to have that feedback. & Thanks for the heads up, I will most definitely check on the Rheostatics, I've already taken a look at Used Wigs Radio, quite a lot of stuff there...!!
Never enough good music, right?. I always end up listening to a lot of female artists too; do check on Anna Ternheim (she's playing in Philly next week), she has really touching songs, try Bridges, Lovers Dream or Girl lying down; and if she's too much on the calm quiet side, then go for Carina Round (sorry, can't help suggesting!!)

Russ said...

Rock on, infotaupe! Please drop by UWR when you come across great new female artists we should be aware of (we just got asked to interview El Perro del Mar at Johnny Brenda's next week, but none of us can make it...grrr) and hit us up with a comment - and we'll do the same.

Thanks for the info on the seating issue - got the tix last night and they LOOK legit - so, we'll see!

Keep up the good work.


infotaupe said...

Sounds great, Russ, will do, and you guys pls do too!
Enjoy the Conchords and the Tower!!