Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Carina Round videos, Tease and sting + a couple of interesting blogs

Finally uploaded Carina Round's videos from the other night's gig (see April 10th's post). Pretty good. Daniel Cho on cello.
* New unreleased song:

* "Downslow"

She's awesome.

BTW, if you like Carina and you haven't listened to her remixes, you have to, asap!!!. Stolen Car's electro-acoustic mix and Come to you's same electro-acoustic mix are sooo good (Stolen car's specially, only version of that song I ever listen to)!! (In her Tease and sting EP, got mine at one of her concerts).

And two more interesting blogs out there with the mission statement of spreading the word on amazing music that shouldn't go unnoticed. Both of them often offer free downloads of one of the artists' songs in their posts (Anna Ternheim, Kathleen Edwards, Black fortress of Opium...):
* Muruch
* The late greats

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