Thursday, April 17, 2008

Trash cans

Garbage day in my neighborhood. All the garbage cans are lined up by the sidewalks waiting for their contents to be taken away and destroyed for good, they won’t be here by this afternoon. Wish the same could be done with our minds, that once a week we could pile up all the things we don’t want and don’t need and leave them outside with the reassurance that we will never see them or feel them again. But it isn’t so. So I will have to keep coping with all those tar grey bits and ends that stick like glue to thoughts and deeds. Unfairness has always been one of the hardest parts, too much of it, too often. Never learned to compensate all the good with the crumbs of bad. And these crystal mornings of shiny colors of Spring aren’t mirrored inside, because I can’t find a way to empty the trashcan in my soul.
Buaaaaah.....Because I'm an idiot more likely!! (too lucky to have the right to complain, as it is - not that that stops me).
Some friends are becoming very lyric this Spring, sending long essays on landscapes and birds singing, I thought I’d give it a go... but obviously I’m not a Spring person.

Soon the B-52’s at the Electric Factory, hopefully I will collect some info on the place and share it.

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