Monday, September 21, 2009

Keane - Sovereign Light Cafe

Can't resist posting on Keane's new song:

May seem a little song , but damn catchy it is, and with strength too. Springsteenish vibe to me, don't know why. Sung for the first time on Sept 19th, apparently still on the works, so open to changes.
Thanks so much to the person who's posted a link to download the track (I believe bootleg sharing is legal? specially if it's unreleased material), found it through lastfm , worked for me (and I do buy their cd's).
And thanks so much too to the person who originally uploaded it to youtube (and so fast!), hope this one is it. Because yes, what's the deal with all those youtube polluters who insist on copying other people's videos and re-uploading them over and over again only in worse quality? Some kind of ego problem, laziness or what? They only make it harder to locate the best copy and dilute the number of plays while at it. Bad practice -am sure they're all really nice people, they just need to stop doing that (by the way, some of these replicators posted the lyrics to the song).
Now that I'm "removed" from the music scene it's great to find these things on the internet through others, my biggest thanks to them.
And yes, Infotaupe made it safe to the other side of the ocean. Infotaupe now hates cardboard boxes and houses with a small number of cupboards! (her things arrived not 2 weeks ago). Wish they sorted themselves out alone like in a Sara Lov's "A thousand bees" video fashion !!.
And now I'll disappear into the ether again.....gloops glooops gloooooooops-----------
Back to the song, it's funny how we don't want to lose what we've already lost. Silly people we all are.