Saturday, January 5, 2008

Jesse Ruben and Madi Diaz at XPN WCL

Ok, pics from this morning 's XPN FAN. Both acts are starting out, and considering that, both handled the stage really well (Diaz a little more nervous in between songs). Ruben's songs should have their audience among late teens and early twenties crowds, it's not really my thing nor something that engages me now, plus the lyrics and the singing will benefit with aging and experience (sort of needs seasoning). That said, he does have a good voice, great presence onstage, and real potential in some of the melodies. His performance was solid, and I really enjoyed listening to him live. And you could see determination written all over him. Also a killer smile...

Madi Diaz, on the other hand, has a totally different style, sort of a mix between an early Sheryl Crow and Neko Case, the way I see it. There's a lot of competence there, so she will need luck but she really is talented, and her voice and singing are really good. Surprisingly she sounds better live than in the recorded stuff, so this one's for the road...

But this is only my opinion, which, I repeat, is no better or worse than anybody else's...
If you want to listen to the concert, click here (radio's website) then in "hear the concert".
Links to their Myspace:
Jesse Ruben
Madi Diaz

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