Saturday, January 19, 2008

Nicole Atkins & The sea at the XPN WCL FAN

Ok, some pics. Since lately I'm seeing things from afar (getting lazy? not really) and pics are poor, I've added all the blurry guitar guy I had in some kind of sequence to try to make something decent out of them. I like the last one, the hand looks almost like a splash of sound. She is really talented, really knows how to sing and perform onstage, has her own personality, and seems a very nice person when not on it. The sea are a band that can rock, keyboardist was specially cool.

They should have a bright future. No, they should have a bright present. Can't understand why the venue wasn't full.
If you want to hear the concert click here (NPR's website) then in "hear the concert"
Curious fact nr 1: Nicole is a friend of another super talented artist: Regina Spektor.


Anonymous said...

Spooky, I just got her/their CD yesterday, and posted a blog entry this morning.
Criminal that the place wasn't sold out!
Neptune City is a great album.

infotaupe said...

Yes, she's really good. And these concerts are free, I can't understand it...