Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pfff, I guess I'll blog...

The other day I went to Nicole Atkins' concert at the World Cafe and she was gracious enough to chat a bit after, even let me record a mini interview (won't post, I'm a terrible interviewer), so I'll have to get around to transcribing that soon. As soon as my computer lets me do the screen prints it's not letting me do right now (it's got a mind of its own, as most of my artifacts).
Could also talk about my first ever yoga class today -I know, nothing to do with music and nobody cares, but whatever, guess I'm still traumatized and need to get it out- which was hilarious, specially when the zen music turned to rock guitars by some kind of mistake (had time enough to question my preconceived ideas about yoga though...nah, it was what I thought. Not for me, that slow flow, that stopping to relax every 3 minutes...aaagg, that's my idea of stress!!!).
Also lastfm, been observing it for a while and it's really curious how artists use it these days, a whole marketing study behind it. Also helps me divide between greedy artists (or most times their labels) and generous ones (like Madonna has only 2 full tracks to listen to... c'moon!. My beloved Keane, on the other hand, have all their tunes available to listen, these cold pale English boys...sigh). It's also fun to see what people listen to. It's 12.14 am, nov 10th and one of my "friends" is listening to a Jose Feliciano carol, makes me smile....not the Christmas part. It's been decided that all my family 's to be shipped to my house this once, always gets "interesting" (hence my trying out yoga lessons...will have to look for something else).

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