Sunday, October 12, 2008

Stop...... + Keane.......+ Fidelio....+ Christmas CD (+free download)...

Well, know what?. I think I'm gonna stop blogging for a bit, not feeling like it anymore so... In time I may try to post more stuff about other Philly venues, etc. Have fun!
And one last note, Keane have released their new album today (no news there), thing is it's for sale on Amazon now through Oct 20 for only $2.99!!!!(at least in the US). Fantastic idea, no excuses left, just bought mine (thought that surprisingly I would not like this one but during the week it's been on lastfm -you could listen to it all for free, another great thing- I am so relieved to say I still love their music, will come in handy). It's funny how things come full circle, I started this blog as a result of having to buy tickets for their show at the Tower Theater and not finding any info on the venue, it's only fair to end it with them- .More so, in very few days I'm going to see a the Tower (second visit ever).
(I still totally dislike the cover art, though..)
... And a pic of Fidelio, which I saw yesterday at the Academy of music, very new age/minimalist, a good contrast with music:

One last last note, the Hotel Cafe Tour has released this Christmas CD, looks really good, you can listen to bits in that page (Meiko, Fiona Apple, KT Tunstall...the bomb). A cute Christmas present (still not worrying about those yet).
Meanwhile if anybody's interested in a free download of a hotel cafe tour sampler with 4 songs (Ingrid Michaelson, Thao Nguyen, Kate Havnevik, Meiko), I've one extra code from Starbucks/Itunes. For whoever enters it first : T4TA3NX7JKA6.
I really mean to stop blogging....:) I've indulged myself plenty lately, bought me a super cool Ipod and a family size bag of Twizzlers, and let my thoughts roam freely, now it's time to face the Winter. Am still going to more concerts than ever..
And with a whirl of my cape (which is what's cool in the pic) I leave! (Halloween party yesterday, I dressed up as Darth Vader but ended up adding devil horns instead of uncomfortable mask!)

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