Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Carrie Rodriguez at the Gild Hall

Some pics (turned out pretty) from her fantastic show last Saturday. One of those cases when the songs are so much richer live. Super. And she's the nicest person ever.
I've uploaded a bunch of vids on youtube (at the bottom, I had the camera on my lap so I could "forget" about it), couldn't pick one or two as I usually do...

And setlist (she did many of her songs from both her records plus a number of covers including two songs by the Beatles she was going to play the day after at a tribute concert in NY, plus "Steal your love" from Lucinda Williams and "La puñalada trapera", a song her South american grandmother -a former NY radio celeb- sang years ago):

* "Never gonna be your bride":
* She ain't me:

*La puñalada trapera (which translates as sort of "the really nasty despicable backstabbing stabwound" - has no translation really, but you'll get the idea-)-. Some things, you just can't match the Spanish language to express them...

* "50's French movie":

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