Monday, September 15, 2008

More Tower pics - view of stage from different seats + Row E

Ok, so "Cheech tix person" went to the Tower last weekend and sent me a few pics to post, different views of the stage from different seats, here they go (they're a little zoomed but taken with a phone):
1. Standing In ISLE in orchestra row FF:

2.LOGE CTR LGROW CC, seats 105 and 7:

3. LOWER BALCONY last row:

He asked me to "make sure you put you can see the stage amazingly anywhere and clearly!!!!!!!"
Thanks to "chech tix" once again, it's people like that one I made this blog for.

...And I went back to the Tower in October 08 and took this pic of Row E (right side), which is peculiar because of what it has in front of it, just so you know...


Anonymous said...

thanks so much these pictures and your charts helped me figure out where my seats are going to be! :D

infotaupe said...

Cool. Much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

great site! it really brings back memories. I spent many a night at the Tower in the late 80's/early 90's. I can honestly say it's one of the best places in the world to see a show, not a bad seat in the house. My favorite shows were Depeche Mode and Echo & the Bunnymen, I totally got on stage!!!

infotaupe said...

Thanks! btw both groups are still very active, maybe you can catch them live again?!.

Anonymous said...

i have a quick question. me and my boyfriend got tixs to see meek mill on april 5th, it just says for the section pit-genadm. but then it say g3 for section? can anyone explain this to me and help me find out where exactly the seats are? please and thank you[: