Thursday, May 3, 2007

Tower Restaurants

United Artists food court

"There are 3 restaurants within walking distance (a block or two) from the Tower. The first is the Aquarius Diner on Market street across from the train terminal. then there is Sabor Latino located on Garret Road, it is a Mexican, Cuban, Equidor style restaurant,also right across from the terminal. Then there is The Waterford, this is located right next to Tower on Ludlow street, it's a Bar & Restaurant, not a bad place to go before a show and have a drink and get a bite to eat, I highly recommend it. All these places are within a SAFE distance of the theater. (...)As for fast food near the theater. There are a few places on 69Th street to eat. There is a McDonald's, Wendy's, Popeys, Quizno's and a few good pizza/cheesesteake places. all right on 69Th street and within quick safe walking distance of the theater." (says R. Riot).
"There is a full bar in the Tower Theatre open for shows. As to food, when shows are presented, there is pizza, hot dogs, pretzels, candy and cookies" (says H. B. Haas). It seems the problem is the price("food is true "movie" theater fare... and beers are $7.25+ served in Dixie cups" says Rob C).- (As per
I have added an image I took of the United Artists food court. You can see it's very close to the Tower.
I have to say that prices have gone down a bit now, and the bar at the Tower was full. It opens some time before the concert and it's a good place to spend some time as, let's not forget, it's full of people that have at least one thing in common with you!! (beer approx $6, sodas approx $3) (still I recommend it for a drink, if you are seriously hungry go some of the other places).

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Anonymous said...

Infotaupe - I wish I had found your site before I went to the Tower recently, we ate crap food in the "food court" of the United Artists. It was only after the show when we were leaving that we saw the Waterford which is *exactly* what we were looking for. Bummer. Nice website you have.