Friday, May 11, 2007

Keane 3 - Tom Chaplin's declaration (2007)

After having previously written about Keane, updates are in order.
Their US tour starts today, with the Q magazine's interview to Tom Chaplin still hot on the table. Pretty hard core stuff, I can't think of a reason why he would do it. Maybe he will explain it on the radio today (see the official page for details). They´re now facing a quite entangled situation, what do the two other members of the band think about it??).
I wonder how the new album's going to sound after all this (deep down the mercury ocean??). Sorry, bad joke again. Sad, though...
And it's difficult to say the least, but I wish it had a happy ending. Chaplin's very gifted but seems fragile, and übertalented and opinionated Rice-Oxley's shadow must be long...-.
Anyway, Chaplin was not making much sense having an interview saying what he said and then proceeding to illustrate it with dark, glazed eyes, smoke burning cigarette in hands portraits of himself.
PS 2009: as of at the end of 2008 Chaplin smoked, as he himself has acknowledged in some interview (many people seem to end up in this post wondering about it).
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