Friday, May 18, 2007

No news, the Killer mots feat. Tom Chaplin and Space 1999

No additional info on the Tower Theater for now (please, comments!!) but I’m going there pretty soon so hopefully I’ll be updating solidly.
Lots of news on Keane, but I don’t want them taking over my blog so I’ll keep it short. After a concert gig’s start struck by natural disaster (L.A.’s first concert moved to another venue because of a major fire; second concert, Denver and the floods… they’re missing earth and air!!), it seems the elements have finally joined them.
I’ve also seen Keane’s “Strangers” DVD, which pretty much changed my perception of the three members of the band’s personalities (they really don’t seem to be the way they seem to be, though they might be), I’ll review it some other time. By the way, Tom recently recommended a group called the Guillemots (I first understood Killer mots, or moths, no wonder I couldn’t find them, but I recently visited a blog that had this really good playlist (geekdom) and bingo! there they were, and they sound pretty good too, check out their web site which is also really original. (Well, I am 99% sure this is the name Tom recommended, it really sounded like that but after my previous success ... they are good anyway).
I’m also adding another pick, it’s the theme from Space 1999, a cheery and tacky tune that I actually like (I didn’t get to watch the series but the tune was in this tape I had when I was a child) . The quality’s not as good as desired but it will have to do. Have a nice weekend all of you!!!
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Michelle said...

Hi, thanks for visiting and leaving a comment! :D I absolutely love the Guillemots!! Where can I hear Tom recommending them?? O_O

Rocco DeLuca is the support act. Hope you had an awesome time seeing Keane last night! I wish I could see them again soon.. They're the best live act I've EVER seen!