Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Keane stuff

OK, on Keane… there is so much info about them out there, so many sites, that you look them up on Google to get a hint about who they are and before you realize (if you are curious, and I certainly am, very) you start clicking and end up having a Bachelor in them … honestly.
First thing I have to say is in my experience the best place to go to, surprisingly, is their official web site. They are really involved in it (they write mini blogs, they answer questions you can send…something that does them credit), plus it is constantly updated and relatively arty.
Other things I enjoyed or found interesting are: (note 2009: most of the stuff has been removed from the web, seems, sorry, makes the post quite useless, decided to leave it as a souvenir...)
*This yahoo interview (not very recent, 2005)
*If you can get your hands on MTV essential Keane, it is a pretty good mini summary.
*There was what must be the cheekiest interview ever to them here (beginnings, Nov-2004), it made me laugh, and boy was Tim quick and patient! (and some credit to the interviewer too, for a different interview and certainly some boldness!!). Some things have changed since. But the link has changed, I'll try to find it.
* Another curious bit (Jul-04), talks about A-ha being Keane’s heroes. Though I thought I detected some reminiscences of A-ha’s music in a few songs, I am thinking maybe the reporter is Norwegian and has a certain inclination to exaggeration?… Another link that has changed, will have to do some researching...
(Just for the record, I do like A-ha, a lot, and I say it though for some reason, maybe Morten being such a handsome one, it is not cool)
*An interview at French TV, Nov'06, pretty funny, best thing is at the beginning when first the interviewer shows their CD on its side (Chaplin thinking should I say something?), then they have to listen to their own music for quite some time and they look quite awkward... Also removed from youtube, aggg
*A very long interview to T. R-O and T. C. in Face culture (2004). Also removed.
*They also have a documentary (Strangers) probably more than worth seeing , but I haven’t yet.
*For tons of info on songs, etc: Wikipedia.
*And for silly Faq’s like knowing which type of cheese or biscuits each of them prefer, go to Keaneshaped. Not that it is going to make a difference in your life, but maybe it takes you to discovering new flavours!!!
*And they have actually managed to avoid having any part of their private life exposed (other than Tom’s rehab, and that was their choice), which is pretty amazing, quite an achievement.
And that’s about it, if you have found any other Keane “pearls”, pls let me know.

Just for the record, what I think of Keane (not that anyone does care): great lyrics, great music, amazing at creating an atmosphere for each song like a background for one’s own feelings to pop up ("wake the serpent not..."), their music has like camouflaged layers, so you can discover a new one the 100'th time you're listening to a particular song. And they and really hard working people, after all it was a long journey for them to get to success and that has to make a difference . . One thing I don’t usually like from them, though: their videos (Somewhere only we know is good though).

And that’s a wrap.

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