Monday, April 30, 2007

Tower Theater seating charts 1 & 2


Tower Theater seating charts 1 & 2 Philadelphia

As promised I am posting a seating chart for the Tower Theater in PA, now this one only shows the orchestra level, but it shows every seat in it, including the PIT, which are the first 5 rows (they are slightly separated from the rest in the chart). For a much less detailed seating chart (but including the whole theater) you can go to the other chart I have in this post.

As for the seats, Orchestra (lower level) seats are great, and the balcony is a tighter fit. It is a relatively small theater so you'll have a nice view of the stage wherever you are located. But of course the best seats are in the PIT and first row (AA) So there you go.
Another site that contains a fair amount of info on the place is Cinema Treasures.
And remember: it tends to be quite hot inside during concerts.

Updated July 31st. 2007.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Your site on the Tower is really helpful. The seating charts are awesome—I wish I could've seen Rufus Wainwright. I was wondering if you could answer a question I have.

I bought my tickets off Ticketmaster, and they're listed as "Sec: RGT OR, Row: O, 7-13" (for Regina Spektor). Those, according to your first chart, are pretty rough seats. But the description for these seats says "Price Level 2, *PIT AREA*" Do you know why it says it's in the pit if it clearly isn't?

Thanks a lot!

infotaupe said...

Hi there, thanks for visiting.
I don't know why they call those seats PIT area when they aren't. I think it may be a mistake in Ticketmaster's system or something. I know it's also happened with Tori Amos's tickets. You can see this link: , where people with this problem talk about it. I'm afraid I can't help any further.
Enjoy Regina !!

GolfGirlNJ said...

Hi there! I have seats in row JJ seats 102 and 104 off the center aisle for an upcoming show. I thought these were 10th row until I saw the 5 rows that are called pit. Can you tell me if I will still have an up-close awesome view from my seats?

Much thanks!!

infotaupe said...

Hi, your seats are really good and centered but I don't know exactly how good will the view of the stage be from there, sorry. You already know it's the 15th row, and you can see how the seats are (I posted some photos in the "My visit to the Tower" post). With that and the two pics in the post "Two great pics inside the Tower" you can have an approximate idea.
Sorry I can't say more. Thanks for visiting and please vote in my poll and come back after the show with your feedback!!

Kate said...

Thanks alot Infotaupe! I hope these seats are great, and by the looks of your pics it looks like they are. I wish I found your in-theater pics earlier as it would have helped me to choose my seating. I was really worried about right orch/left orch seating not knowing the seat #'s and how far right/left they would be. Oh well, I've never been this close to see tori anyway, so it will be a treat nonetheless!

thanks again!

Tug said...

Dude, Thank you so friggin much for having that seating chart with the "pit" seats. I've googled high and low for a Tower seating chart that mentioned rows like AAA,BBB but only ended up frustrated until I found your site. I rarely post messages on the net, but in this case I needed you to know that you put my mind at ease.

infotaupe said...

Thanks, Tug! Really appreciate it!!

Russ said...

Hey there - you might be able to answer my question - I just got some tickets for Flight of the Conchords next week, and they are supposed to be R/C ORCH/B...but the seating chart shows that area as blacked out, I'm guessing for the audio booth...any idea what's going on there?!? Thanks!

infotaupe said...

Hi Russ, you're right. At least for the concert I went to that's where the audio booth thing was. Seems that they won't take so much space or they've relocated for this concert because just yesterday someone commented on the main post for "Tower theater info" that they also had their seats there, and they were wondering about the same thing. Sorry I can't be of further help... Enjoy the Conchords!!

Russ said...

Yo! Thanks for the comment over at Used Wigs - how was El Perro Del Mar, et al?

Flight of the Conchords was excellent - and, those seats were legit - they were just to the right of the soundboard, where they had put in some folding chairs. I had forgotten about that - when I saw King Crimson a few years ago we had some weird seat numbers too, and we eneded up in the very front row in some folding chairs...not too shabby!

infotaupe said...

Hey, thanks for the info, Russ!!

Anonymous said...

your seat chart helped me steer clear of my usual poor seating at the Tower. i kept getting things like MM or OO but far right. i was able to secure center and aisle with it's aide. cheers!

infotaupe said...

Well thanks!

Anonymous said...

Saw sooo many shows here from OZZY to KISS. Great venue!