Saturday, April 23, 2011

I love this cover!

It just works really well, everything. She's covering Je fume parce que tu bois next Tuesday? (Mardi prochain?) -I think. And quite the smile, cet Adrien.
Everybody on holidays? Ha, I was back Wednesday, just as everybody was leaving, like that feeling.
Have to paintbrushsabotage a pic and will post it.
Hours later:

Beautiful Asturias coast.
And coming back in the rain..

And my previous impression proved totally false: after going out there this morning I believe I can safely report that nobody has left Madrid for Easter, and that its whole population has agreed on going out shopping this morning too..
Well, since in a few days this blog will be 4 yrs old, might as well have a few posts from this era for its bthdy!.
PS Never bother with the je bois cover, was pretty terrible.

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