Sunday, June 22, 2008

Teddy Thompson at the North Star Bar - Philadelphia

A few pics from yesterday's concert.
Teddy Thompson Teddy Thompson Philadelphia
Teddy Thompson Teddy Thompson
He has a really intense gaze and a very interesting face (which doesn't necessarily mean he's interesting, but in this case I think he is -which doesn't mean much since I've lately been proven quite wrong at reading people -but still...).And these are silly remarks but it's something that really catches your eye when you see him. Someone who keeps his distance too (understandable). What I should talk about is his deep great voice and his performance, which was really good (despite there being few people attending). And about the band, specially Jon Darling and Jeff Hill (bass), whom I finally got to meet and had the chance to clarify my doubts (see A Fine Frenzy's and Chris Stills post in March): so I was right, I've also seen him playing bass for Rufus Wainwright and Chris Stills. Pretty good (and an extremely cultured guy, and that's a fact. The things he remarked about my country were spot on).
Back to Teddy, he wore red shoes!! (he has no clue, but that makes him one of us -I got me a pair this winter- not everybody feels like red shoes!!). Here are his:
Teddy Thompson's red shoes
And these are mines, not so cool but...
(see also sidebar photo in Brooklyn)
I wasn't wearing them though. Anyway, his new album "A piece of what you need" came out on June 17th, may upload a vid and more stuff but I won't be able to do it for a while. I'm all summery-diffuse at present time (not focusing, will try and trim this post, they deserve a better one). Do check out this song of his, "What's This?!!", kinda rocks.
Oh, and he's been added last -minute to the Xponential festival lineup on Saturday 12th July!


freelancer said...

Thanks for the awesome blog post. I came across it while surfing for some reviews on the new album. As a huge TT fan, this was a treat. Hope to see you posting more TT pics and videos. Thanks again!

infotaupe said...

Thaks a lot! I will upload a vid on youtube but I can't now so check back in some weeks! ;)