Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jaymay at the Tin Angel (Philly)

Jaymay and Fink’s turned out to be quite a concert. So much better than I had anticipated, sometimes you get these nice surprises. Not only was the venue great for a show like that, and the crowd too, but both acts also put up amazing performances.
Jaymay's cd fell on my hands quite by chance some months ago but I'd only recently started to listen to it, and she sounded much better than in the record, quite a voice. She sung this ton of songs that weren’t in it, explained later that she writes constantly & that being under contract with a major label she can’t release stuff as often as she would like to, so... Still she’s finishing a new 10 song EP this week that will be released in time for her Fall tour (touring with her band, will be back in Philly), each of the songs in it being under 2 minutes long.
I chose to upload this vid ("Lullaby") because this song wasn’t on youtube yet but I like others of hers much more.

Ok, so me being me, I had to ask her a few things I was curious about, and she answered openly, yay for her:
* That line in “Sea green, see blue” “and the sculptor we hardly knew, his limbs were lying askew”: so her love was a real estate person with a bunch of keys for places, some nights they would go to one of them to record and sleep. One of these places was a sculptor’s and he had made this one sculpture that were limbs sticking out: arms, there. And the cardboard and so on...
* Is it the same guy she’s talking about through the record (what with the blue eyes everywhere): yes, except for “Big Ben”, who was a friend with a tragic end.
*Anecdote: a pal gave her a cd of a local female singer saying she'd like it because she's "similar to her". She immediately snapped back "No, she's not" (with politeness, of course, but first things first).
* More things: she expects to have another record out in the Summer. She and her brother-manager are truly nice and super generous people. A really good chat, thanks to them for everything.
And I think that's about it.
Jaymee and me with purple puree!

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