Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sharleen Spiteri - New album "Melody" + "All the times I cried" lyrics

For "All the times I cried" lyrics click here (was sort of tricky for me to find them -I hate not to understand all the words- and people looking for them are ending up in my blog so...)

Just a heads up on Sharleen Spiteri's (Texas) solo album out next month. Bill, from Music & More, has already written a great post in his blog here (youtube video incl.), so little more to add. Her first single "All the times I cried", is really lovely and touching. A 50's-60's dreamy air, Sharleen's voice, lyrics anyone can relate to and a very catchy tune, it works (ok, she uses all the old tricks to make this a hit but this is no fake). Anyway, I love it, was clueless about it, a really nice surprise.
And you can download a new song here for free ("That was a lie", a not so good song, but...).
As for the inspiration for this record and some interesting reflections on honesty from Sharleen herself go here.
Summer holidays around the corner now, last time I had proper holidays (Europe- Christmas) I posted some cool pics, don't know if I'll leave the blogger behind this time though.
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Oliver Nightingale said...

I Resent that comment you made that, "That Was A Lie" is a "Not so good song!"
I actually really liked that song so I don't really understand what that was about, and I will not value any new comments/posts, which you send because of this. Sorry.

infotaupe said...

It's sad that you take it like that. As I say in my blogger profile, what I say here is my opinion, which is not better nor worse than anybody else's. What I do try to achieve is to be honest, as I was in that post. I'm totally fine with you loving that song, and will keep welcoming you to my blog regardless!.

Anonymous said...

Oh for God's sake Oliver, pull your bloody trousers up. What on Earth is the point of reading reviews if you strop off the minute they stray from the path you demand of them? You don't need a critic, you just need a sap to tell you what marvellous taste you've got. Ludicrously childish behaviour.