Saturday, May 31, 2008

Nicole Atkins and Ingrid Michaelson again + misc

Have to post lots of stuff, this week I was lucky to be able to attend some mini event at my favourite radio and see shows by Nicole Atkins, Ingrid Michaelson, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings...all up close & cosy (so took pics, vids, did the fan bit taking pictures with them...-sorry Ingrid, sorry Nicole, we can't help ourselves!). Missed Ani Difranco though, was too tired.
Just uploaded this funny bit of Ingrid Michaelson "experimenting" with Breakable, her new single(quality's pretty bad, am afraid, my photo camera does its best but it has its limitations...):

I guess hardly anybody will watch it since there's like a zillion vids of her on youtube, but nr of views is not something I keep in mind, or else I'd handle this little blog in a very different way.
Nicole Atkins' guitar told me they'll start working on the new album this summer, still deciding on the producer.
Also a few FAN's I haven't posted yet: B52's, Danielia Cotton, yesterday's Ryan Bingham and Hayes Carll....but not today, tonight's the Jakob Dylan and Kathleen Edwards show, can't decide which of both acts I'm more looking forward to..

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