Thursday, May 8, 2008

Anna Ternheim (+ Summer rain Lyrics)- El perro del mar - Lykke Li, at Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia

Three blondes in black...

1. Anna Ternheim
For Summer rain lyrics go to the end of the post.
Anna Ternheim's setlist (little over half hour, bummer!, wonder what it will be in NY today and tomorrow):

  1. You mean nothing to me anymore
  2. Nights in Goodville
  3. Girl lying down
  4. The ones they blame
  5. Little lies
  6. Summer rain (new)
  7. Lover's dream - To be gone (linked both)
J. (aka youtube head chopper dude, am afraid) recorded part of Anna's new song "Summer rain" for me (I didn't want to miss a sec). Ternheim said it will be in the new album she's currently recording, beautiful. Only half of it, didn't seem fair to tape it all:

For some reason I expected Anna to be small and fragile but she wasn't at all, she was very tall (high five!), tomboy-ish and younger looking than in the vids, the kind of person that looks very different in flesh. She would interact with the public quite a bit, talking about the songs, etc. She played alone, sometimes on the guitar, sometimes on keyboards, sometimes with the help of her i-pod. The first song she played, not being one of my favourites then, was the best of the night. The way she sang it really froze my blood, gave it a different light. The last part of the setlist, to my surprise, was the weakest, and Lovers dream and To be gone sounded somewhat flawed, specially the latter. But she was amazing, and though most of the audience didn't know her and were there for El Perro del mar, she was a success. She said the place had a soul, it did, but her songs so magnified it.
She was in a hurry -had a train to catch- but she was really nice and found a few minutes to talk to us. She didn't want to be specific about some lyrics (didn't want to "spoil them", gave a few hints, some singers feel that way, like her or Jakob Dylan, others do the opposite, I somehow agree with her, though I was the one to ask her... curious). The song she went into more detail for was "The ones they blame", during her set. She was very modest and acted as if nobody there had heard of her before, asked me how I found out about her music, told her through some English music blog. But also many people here know about her (& quite a few U.S. blogs mention her, like Muruch's), only Philadelphia is such a hard city, it's so difficult to fill up a venue, for some reason I can't understand...
Great timing for me her coming to Philly.
Anna and me

2. El perro del Mar

She had a quite large band playing with her and she hardly spoke, was very immersed in the music. She's remarkably beautiful. 2 peculiar things: a picture they had brought onstage an an incense stick they burned while they played. I'm into curious things so I took a pic.

Their setlist (their writing):

Another chopper J.'s video, "You can't steal a gift", El perro and Lykke Li's duet (a bit, camera run out of memory this time) :

3. Lykke Li played last and did a short setlist, during which it seems that she had some kind of problem with her voice, as El perro del mar let us know when she did the encore (Likke was going to be a part of it but couldn't make it). This girl dances better than anyone I've ever seen, incredible. And her drummer is just impressive (as in both gourgeus and music wise). Unfotunately the batteries in my camera died so I couldn't tape any of her part.

A rather long post ...

Summer rain lyrics:

Last summer was mad remember the rain
I know people complained
I had something else in mind
Not the sound of rain against my window pane
All I could hear was you
Hammering in my head

Fall like a wave
Against a rock
Leave with a rush
Or get crushed
You never know
Until after the shock
When you wake up
What’s broken what’s not

One day I don’t know how
My whole life evolved
Around you my Lord
Believing was not enough

You said I was a hole of desperate need
And no love in the world
Not even yours
Could satisfy me

That’s when the troubles began
Disasters came
One by one I nearly drowned
In that Summer rain

Fall like a wave
Against a rock
Leave with a rush
Or get crushed
You never know
Until after the shock
When you wake up
What’s broken what’s not

We fall like waves
Against the rock
Leave with a rush or get crushed
You never know
Until after the shock
When you wake up
What’s broken what’s not
When you wake up
What’s broken what’s not


Dave said...

I'm also a big Anna Ternheim fan -- have enjoyed her music for a while now. Enjoyed your review though I have to say that "Lovers Dream" done live solo is one of my favorite songs of hers. Saw her a couple of times recently in NY and she just knocked me out. True -- she's much taller (and lither (?) - good word) in person than expected. Has that typical Swedish disposition sitting somewhere between melancholic and stand-offish mixed with a gentle sweetness, irony and keen intellect.

Check out my site when you get a chance...

Bill @ Bill's Music and More blog turned me on to yours...Nice.

infotaupe said...

Thanks Dave! I've just checked your site, that's like a different story, serious pro stuff!!. Lots of things to look at, thanks.
About "Lovers dream", I don't know, it's like one of my top 5 favourite tracks this year, and maybe my expectations were too high. Just like I was surprised at how amazingly she sang "You mean nothing...", her Lovers somehow didn't totally work for me that night (it was great but not as great as I expected). Just my take, though...And yes, I had that same impression about her personality. She has to be special, obviously...