Thursday, May 8, 2008


This blog is now officially one year old!. To my surprise!!!
Over 6.000 visitors (doesn't mean anything, many bounced), over 28.000 pages viewed (mostly the ones I less care about), and some things that came out of it (some good, some bad, some very sad - bloody hell, it rhymed!). And invested quite a bit of time in it (which is silly, time being scarce and all).
I guess I had to write a post about the occasion though.
I thought I was done with it when I completed the Tower Theater info, I even sort of said bye bye, but somehow I still kept going. But it will most probably be left to its own devices when I move back and everything changes (some kind of reality check, I suppose, hmmm).

Maybe I'll start a different blog with useful tips for moving (ornament wrapping, that kind of stuff) or maybe about fridge magnets or something (some are really cool, after all). Because trust me, music is poisonous...
Oh, and I can count with the fingers in my hands the number of people who've found out who I really am. But not to worry, I killed them all!! :)

Just watched this week's Grey's anatomy, nr 414 I think (dorky?, no way!). Woooow, specially good. Only tv show that still holds my attention. Plus there's always one or two really good songs in it, this week the one that caught my attention/ear turned out to be (after proper googling) Taken by trees' "Only yesterday". Once discovered, I like "Lost and found" even more, dreamy. Other things: this singer, Adele, has a really nice website, different, check page nr 2 for a great video. Top voice, great song-. Lyrics, mm, not so much, it really seems like the music's saying something different. And Sia has released a new video/single, "The girl you lost to cocaine". Can't not to laugh!

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