Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tina Dico at The Khyber

There's this review at Tina's webpage here that is pretty complete, so little more to add. She was a real pro and gave it all anyway.

Got to chat a tiny bit after...
Tina & Infotaupe
Chopper J (see Anna Ternheim's post) recorded the vids for me (and took the second pic), if there was ever a patient guy...
I did enjoy the concert a lot, she has a great voice and beautiful songs. Maybe too "clean" for me.
And again, Philly is a tough place to fill up venues, it really is unfair.

"Beak of day" (love the Carina Round-ish bit at the end):

I ended up going to this concert mainly by chance. Glad I went, though. A few days later Regina Spektor played in Atlantic City and I couldn't make chance too. This week we've had a lot of time in our hands, and set out to make the most of it, trip to NY included, bummer it's over.
"You know better":

And two more blogs talking about this show: music&more and popwreck, an audience full of bloggers!!


William Kates said...

Nice post on the Tina show, I guess from your picture angle that I was standing a few feet to your right. Thanks for your photo and video clips, and I'm really enjoying your blog. Cheers!

infotaupe said...

Thanks to you, Bill! Will write back!

Ginny said...

Love this post about Tina...the videos are amazing! I saw her on tour in Germany with an artist named AM. Anyone who likes Tina check out a duet she did with him, "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"...classic I know. I found it on iTunes, but AM has it on his page too. Can't wait to see both of them live again : )

infotaupe said...

Thanks Ginny!