Friday, May 8, 2009

This book...

I've come across this very different art book, "X-Ray" by Nick Veasey.
Self explanatory, he uses x-rays to capture these amazing images. You can see many more in his peculiar website.
He seems to have come across a very different means of expression, surprisingly beautiful and most philosophical too.
If the images are well worth it, no less is the book's introduction. And I quote "I have found a way to see beneath the surface. Nothing gives me more pleasure (...) than revealing the inner beauty of a subject". Optimistic guy.
His technique is also interesting, he explains every work in his book and then there are articles like Wired's here. He's even x-rayed my favourite flower-shop-available flowers, anemones!(how does he do the colour thing, anyway)

Of course images and quotes in the post are his copyright, hope it's OK to show them here as they're on the net anyway.
Amazon here.
And since I've discovered a hole in the sole of one of my stay at home slippers (loved them, sad), the cold weather just needs to stop right now! (been raining 5 days in a row, non stop).
Ah, here they are in the kitchen -note my classy pose...ahem (and no x-ray mode in my camera, unfortunately!!):

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