Saturday, May 16, 2009

Coldplay -The free album

Yesterday Coldplay made their "LeftRightLeftRighLeft" album available for download for free (still is here), 9 tracks of live versions of some of their best. So a big thank you to them, for there may or may not be marketing reasons behind it, but it undoubtedly is a very generous gift from them to their fans.
And a fantastic album too, it really captures the energy of their live act in a surprising way. If there's something Chris Martin can't be accused of is of not giving it all live, even during their most grueling tours. Saw them in their second Philly performance last year, didn't seem in "automatic mode" at all.
Specially outstanding "Viva la vida", love that song (still they could have done without the pre-recorded chorus for the live thing).
The cd cover: a paper butterfly confetti like those they shower the audience with during their live performances (I kept one, wonder where it is!).
PS March'10: found them!, here:


Margie G. said...

I was at their concert just a few weeks ago at the SPC and they were awesome!!!! They had mini stages set-up in the audience (one by the lawn) which was a real treat. At the end, they gave out the CD's you metion here. They do have so much energy and really give it their all! (also saw the Killers at SPC and they also ROCKED!!!)

Going to the Tower Thursday for Eddie Vedder's acoustic show. Can't wait - glad I found your blog as well...I'm going to try the Waterford. I hope to record some video while there too.

infotaupe said...

Live concerts are almost always so worth it but Coldplay's are really spectacular. Hope you have a great time at the Tower!