Friday, May 15, 2009

Meiko & Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons at the Tin Angel

Some pics & Meiko's setlist of their May show in Philly:

Her encore was Piano song, "super freak" is a cover and "Good looking loser" is a new song she told me she had recorded but not released yet and was very excited about. "Inspired" by an ex of hers who shares my nationality, funny!.
And Cory Chisel & The wandering sons, a really great band to listen to live:
Posted a video of each on youtube: Meiko's here, and Cory's here.
The only other time I had seen Meiko live was last fall in the Hotel Tour together with, among others, Rachael Yamagata, who showed up at this show with most of her band. It's great when people are real pals and show their support for one another.
And have just seen the new lastfm player widget (when you play your library), real neat. As slow as usual though.


Anonymous said...

OMG - sooooooooooo jealous you saw Meiko live!! I JUST bought her album on iTunes - it's my absolute new fave!!

infotaupe said...

Hope you too can see her soon!

Anonymous said...

i xo Meiko- hee hee. I just got her duet New Road with AM.

i saw her on hotel cafe tour but she wasn't as good as she is now. i had gone to see AM and Cary Brothers.