Friday, May 8, 2009

Peter Bjorn and John at the World Cafe Laleh

Peter Bjorn and John are one of those bands that know how to make the most of their live performances. With just the simplest but most imaginative "backdrop" behind them they put up an impressive act full of energy, fun, and great beats. And later at the meet and greet, they were also fantastic, and striked the most fun poses I've seen for anyone who'd ask them for a pic. I couldn't resist so here's mine.

And out of the many Swedish acts that are out there these days I have to mention Laleh again. That's a voice, and a way to use it, she's done some of the best songs I've heard this year (unfortunately some of the worst too! ). Curious and different lyrics (when you speak in a language that's not yours you come up with "curious" expressions, ahem), and love those "snaking" flutes. She's also one of the most "untamed" and truly free out there (in a plain honest real way, no fuss or pose, no tormented looks or crazy words necessary), hope she keeps it up.

And talking about Swedish, can't help talking about another favourite of mine again...the Swedish chef!. He kind of reminds me of someone's cooking!.
Need to mention Camera Obscura's "My maudlin career" too, some songs so soppy and pretty (uh, not Swedish though).

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