Friday, May 8, 2009

Now a Spanish one: Christina Rosenvinge and a cool idea

Another cool idea: a musician walks into a shop or wanders through the streets guitar in hand for an impromptu performance with the charm of improvisation. A newspaper's music blog has done it: it's the Spanish "Aquí te pillo aquí te grabo".
Rosenvinge (a well known Spanish singer who's been at it for decades) always wanted to play in that famous little music shop around the corner of Madrid's most important music theatre, El Real (mostly classical music, opera, ballet). Done-.

She does a little intro talk and then chooses "Animales vertebrados" (from her latest cd, been around a while now), a big f*ck you to an ex. Her voice may be sweet but, just as her words, it usually has a pretty sharp edge.
And this is a video of her beginnings ( very different, visually it has obviously aged a lot but I like the song) .
First video in much better quality, here:

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