Friday, May 8, 2009

Many cool concerts coming and Bat For Lashes

Quite a few good shows coming in the next weeks in the Philly area, check out XPN's concert listing here (best I know). Won't be able to make as many as I'd like but I'll keep my fingers crossed for a few of them.
And Bat for Lashes have recently been visiting for promo and concerts too, she certainly knows how to choose her company, which these days includes Charlotte Hatherley (ex fantastic "Free all angels" Ash) and Ben Christophers (nicest lad ever, really; has quite a few songs of his own but has also helped people like also great Françoise Hardy with some songwriting). For BFL he plays the most strange and gorgeous instruments like a Marxophone and others I don't even know the name of.
Here's their lo-fi version of "Daniel" on Stereogum. Got to briefly meet them (see pic on right side bar, bottom). Apparently her latest cd "Two suns" tells a linear story through its lyrics, with even a resolution in the end.. will have to read it in detail. Surely something relating to her New York break-up experience with Moon and Moon's front man -hence the two suns, I guess -doesn't take a genius-, and hence one of the songs title, Moon and Moon (aren't I clever, ohhh). article here.
And a footnote: she tracked for Two suns at NYC's Magic Shop studio , a place I had the chance to visit and blogged about (see archives May'07)

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