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Kathleen Edwards at the World Cafe

Luckily Kathleen Edwards made a stop at Philly's World Cafe on Feb 20th. Had only seen her at the Noncomm almost one year ago and setlist was too short then (posted on that here) so a full concert...a treat.
Found many pics of this concert here through lastfm, good thing since this time my camera (has a great sense of opportunity!) started blinking a "low battery" message as soon as I turned it on (I had assumed it was charged...I assume too many things). So I was only able to take very few weak shots.
The setlist she used is also in one of the pics on flickr, but she made a few changes: she didn't play "Goodnight California" (my bad luck with setlists continues... one of my favourites of hers). She also did a cover of The Outfield's "Your love" which made many in the audience smile and sing along. The actual setlist can be found here (post #4) together with a link to a bootleg of the show (thanks Deanokat!, haven't heard it yet though, dealing with the flac file!).
Best to me was when she was left alone onstage to sing "Run" and "National Steel" (no offence to the band, pals Jim Bryson & Gord Tough, they were great!).
After the show she did a meet and greet, a veery long line of people. Invested my time in asking her about the amazing "The lone wolf", told her that to me it seemed quite a departure from all her other songs. She said she agreed it was so, but that she didn't know why. That people ask for it sometimes and she loves to play it. That she composed it when she was living in the country during one of her walks, and was coming up with lines as she was taking steps (afraid my English fails me, she was gesturing and I don't think I'm describing it well, bummer). You do get that sense of taking steps in the song's rhythm though, the song has a very particular structure. And as somber as it is, it's still most beautiful. I've come across a surprisingly good cover of the song on youtube here (by thebrooke). And there's only one clip of Kathleen playing it on youtube!?!. Strange.
If Kathleen's a fantastic musician, she's an even better lyricist, not afraid to deal with all kinds of stuff. In 3 minutes she can manage to perfectly describe the most difficult and complex feelings. A very special person.
The music I listen to keeps changing constantly, Kathleen's is one of the very few -if not the only one- I keep going back to. She certainly doesn't disappoint live.
Supporting act was The last town chorus, I was familiar with some of her songs and was looking forward to it but it wasn't a good night for her (had a cold, nobody's fault). I'm not particularly keen on lap guitars either. But she definitely has some touching songs. Pic:

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