Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Stereogum - fresh legal downloads + Laura Marling's "Blackberry stone"

So I've come across this site -Stereogum- now and then but only now do I discover its 'Gum Drop: you subscribe (free) and each Wednesday they have a free new song you can download (so far some really good names). And once subscribed you can download past weeks songs too, many times exclusive versions (some names: Laura Marling's "Blackberry Stone" -a B-side not in her album!, Marissa Nadler, My brightest Diamond, Frightened Rabbit, Nicole Atkins...) Or A Camp's "Love has left the room" ** (side project of The Cardigan's Nina Persson), only listened to it once and somehow disappointed -hard to match some of the Cardigans' best material. But their mini interview is strangely strange (the questions too: "When love finally does leave the room, where does it go?" Uh, let's see... -Nina's answer's bitterly gooood)
Kind of great site with tons of interesting news you won't see anywhere else. Browsed through serious interviews and lighter stuff like Liz Phair's ad for Banana Republic, oops, everybody has a bad day, funny article, terrible vid- I really think she's great but... Well, Sara Bareilles' wasn't much better.
Anyway...Really good site.
Laura Marling's "Blackberry Stone": "I've no reason to reason with you", how sad is that. It happens.

** Oct'09 Actually I take that back, "Love has left the room" as well as other songs from the album are regulars in my ipod these days. Love the angle from which it talks about the end of a somewhere that one of the main excuses people use not to move on is their "need for closure". Like you're going to get a full report with all the reasons, all the answers to all the doubts regarding what happened, why it's over...well, wake up. The only reason you need to close the book is he's not here fighting for you, is all you need is to stop making excuses.

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