Friday, March 20, 2009

SXSW sampler

SXSW going on now in the US, lots of bands playing in Austin, lucky few get to go...but the rest of us can at least get a 10 song free sampler from XPN, click here and you can check it out and download it free from I-tunes! .Can't say for the most part those are the ones I'd have chosen out of the bunch but...

And this is a not very serious blog on music, so now and then I stray... -hate smilers but :)
So I'll just quickly make a note that my sister is getting married, congrats from here!!. And I've lately been neglecting my blog being as I was on a mission -more mentally than hands on 90% of the time!- to find a dress. Not one for that stuff but ended up being fun. And got one!!. So almost ready for my 14h airport marathon...-hate to fly-..
...And redirecting this post to music...I've actually discovered a few good songs while shopping in places like Macy's (Amy Winehouse's "Help yourself" comes to mind, a while ago when she wasn't popular), they go for unusual choices, which is really good. Yesterday as I was strolling around with my bag they played Erin Mckeown, then Alice Russell's "Mean to me" (this last one's not my thing though!). Shops are really getting rid of elevator music and I'm so glad for that.
And let's end this post in deep cheesy-land with a pic of sis and I and our dog Atila (was sort of naughty) from a long time ago. Lol. We are definitely not that cute anymore!!

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